• birth coaching courses
  • pre and post natal body therapy
  • cranio-sacral therapy for babies and children



birth coaching course
8 'women only' sessions - followed by 2 'partner support' sessions
"one on one" sessions also available

  • prepare your mind and body for having a baby
  • reduce the stress, fear and pain of labour and birth
  • create a calm mental and physical state for labour
  • manage labour and birth better
  • relax your baby and ease their passage into the world
  • feel more in harmony wih the birthing process whatever the circumstances
  • speed post natal recovery
  • breast feed better
  • complement your antenatal education and pregnancy yoga
  • you will receive an extensive manual to complement and support class content

you will learn:

  • pelvic toning and expansion exercises
  • gentle yoga stretches
  • breathing and body awareness techniques
  • natural pain management techniques
  • acupressure, homeopathy and naturopathy for pre, post and during labour and birth
  • postnatal exercises

the partner support sessions will help you:

  • develop competence and confidence in the use of easy and effective techniques, to promote
    optimal functioning of the birthing body
  • ease the birth process
  • support the labouring woman

partners will learn:

  • simple massage and touch techniques for deep relaxation
  • ways to create more space and flexibility in the pelvis
  • acupressure to support the natural labour and birthing process
  • breathing and efficient birthing positions for beter labour management

Courses running throughout the year. Call Di to make a booking 06 875 1170 or 027 575 1610.


Cost: $160
early enrollment $150
pre-enrollment necessary owing to small class sizes

Class times: Mondays 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Location: Bay Babies, 304 Lyndon Road West, Hastings

download registration form here
(either print out and post - or scan and email)

pre & postnatal body therapy
ease the physical & emotional pressures of pregnancy, birth and post natal trauma with:

  • massage
  • acupressure
  • cranio-sacral therapy
  • pelvic alignment

60 mins - $80
90 mins - $110
120 mins - $150

cranio-sacral therapy for babies and children
gentle placing of hands on the head, tummy and pelvis to balance the subtle twists, pulls and asymmetries reflected through the system:

  • relieve the effects of difficult and instrument delivery.
  • relieve irritability, excessive crying and colic.
  • improve feeding, breathing and sleep problems.
  • address learning and behavioural difficulties.

45 mins - $50 first session
30 mins - $45 thereafter