Positive Birth

"Positive Birth allowed me to let go of the fear and embrace the moment. We really connected at the Partner Class. It was great practising different positions for labour and finding out what worked for us."
Melanie Fowler

"We attended Di's Active Birth classes when we were pregnant with our second child. Totally different from antenatal classes, this course prepares not only your body for birth but also your mind. In addition to yoga and breathing exercises to tone the body, each class had lots of practical information. We learnt invaluable skills on how to manage the pain of labour naturally, including using breath, acupressure points, massage, positioning and homeopathy. Applying these techniques contributed to a positive and natural birthing experience without the need for medical intervention or pain relief. We are now into out third pregnancy and after a refresher with Di, we feel prepared for the birth knowing we have these proven techniques available to us."
Susie & Greg Wills

Pre and Post Natal Therapy

"Di has such a beautiful energy, calming and nurturing; you feel in very safe competent hands. Her combination of massage and cranio-sacral work, helps to release pressure, relax and renew. Di has helped me in both pregnancies, by releasing tight aching bones in my pelvis and ribcage. Her beautiful therapy room adds to the ambience of feeling pampered and cared for. Such a blessing and relief - I highly recommend her to all pregnant mamas."
Gretchyn Mathie

"Facing my second birth with my baby in breech position, I was keen to try anything to promote a change of position. At Di's suggestion, I used the exercises in her Positive Birth Classes, and a few sessions of her Positive Bodywork along with acupuncture, and my baby turned. I am now preparing for a natural vaginal birth."
Erika Roselea

Carnio-Sacral Therapy for babies and children

"Jessenya's home water birth, left her bruised, with a knot of tension between her brows, and her shoulders were skewed. She was stuck in a restless 20 minute feed/nap cycle, and she did not latch easily. On day three, as Di gently worked her magic, Jessenya became more symmetrical and her whole face relaxed. Following the treatment, Jessenya latched effortlessly, her mouth felt softer and more open, she fed deeply then slipped into a 3 hourly feed/sleep cycle. Jessenya needed two further treatments over the following fortnight and she was set after that. Amazing!"
Rachel Correa